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We Are so proud to unveil our NEW Expansion and Remodel!

Our Hair Experts and Estheticians are ready to give you an outstanding customer experience with the highest quality service.

Not only are we trained in current trends, but have years of experience in color, color correction and the latest foiling techniques, including balayage,

and baby Lights.

Estheticians perform cool beam light therapy facials as well as LED and Far- Infrared facials targeting conditions vary from acne and rosacea to wrinkles and pigmentation. Lash Extensions, facial and body waxing or sugaring.

Our experienced team listens to you to help you determine the best services for your needs. We deliver the kind of quality and value you expect from a professional hair and skin spa salon. Check out our complete service menu and give us a call to book your next salon and spa experience!


Please note: Service prices and availability are subject to change without notice. 


All haircuts include Shampoo, Conditioner and Blow Dry Styling.


Shampoo and Condition, Precision haircut and Blow dry Styling

Children 8 years and younger

Haircuts for the youngsters 8 years and under. Precision cutting and gentle styling by our professional team.


Shampoo, Condition, Scissor and or Clipper Cutting, Blow Dry Styling

Young Women 8 to 12 yrs of age


Young women age 8-12 can have unique hair needing extra love..We will give them the style they want and give them a few tips on how to style and take car of their hair.

Hair Color

Pricing does not include haircut

Full Foil Highlighting

Starting at $164.00 Extra length and or multi colors are an extra charge.
Lightener or hair color applied in foils all over the entire head for highlighting and or all over blonde effect. Lowlights can be added during this service as well. 

Partial Foil Highlights


Starting at $100.00-$125.
Highlights and or Lowlights, Applied to just the top section, and or front section of hair.  This is usually just a touch up and not meant for an all over color change. Extra charge for multi colors and longer lengths

Root Base Color and Glossing

Starting at $75.00-$90.00

Color is applied directly to the root to achieve the same color all over. A Glossing color step is then added to give Beautiful Healthy shine to the hair. Our excellent color products naturally give supreme gray coverage and or blending, as well as shine and  extreme conditioning.


Men's Camoflauge color and haircut

Starting at $35.00


Color is applied at the shampoo bowl to quickly and effectively blend away gray with a natural look.


Starting at $165.00-$170.00 Each canvas or head of hair is unique. Longer lengths and multi colors as well as toning afterwards are an extra charge 
Balayage is simply hair painting in a desired pattern depending on the color and look you are wanting to achieve. The look is often soft and natural, without definitive streaks, yet lighter and sun kissed or any color you desire. Our hairstylists are artists! Toning is often desired afterwards to achieve a specific tone of the color.

Corrective Coloring

Quoted by Consultation only
Whether you want a total color change or things just didn't go your way with your prior hair color, Come on in and let our professionals help you get the look you want! Often we can help right away, and sometimes it takes a few color sessions to create the look you are wanting. Booking a consultation with our hair experts lets us estimate for you the price as well as how much time it will take us to create the desired change.

Specialty Styles

All styles include shampoo & conditioning

Deep Condition or Bond Treatments

starts at 10.00-$64.00 depending on products used

Does your hair need some TLC? We have several conditioning treatments for many different hair types. Whether you are looking for some moisture for dry or compromised hair, or need the strength of a bonding treatment to add to your coloring service, we can help you decide whats best for your hair needs. 

This is an add on service to either a haircut, color, foiling or blow out styling.

Up do Styles for special Occasion

Starting at 75.00 per hour... pricing is depending on length and style requirements

Hair is coiffed and curled, pinned up or partially left down if you prefer. Our Stylist learn the latest trends in these beautiful specialty styles. Please bring us a picture of your dream up do!

Shampoo and Blow out

Hair is shampooed, Conditioned, then Blown dry to your specific requested style. Minimal curling iron/flat ironing included. For Beach waves and extra flat/curling iron work there is an additional 20.00 charge 

Smoothing Treatments

Brazillian Blowout Service

$275.00 +

Brazilian Blowouts are a Smoothing service that creates a protein smooth surface that lasts for up to 3 months. It transforms frizzy textured hair into beautiful shiny and healthy looking hair.  No more daily flat ironing saves time! 

Although a bit pricey, we include your home care Brazilian blowout Brand shampoo and conditioner to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

There can be price increases do to varying length and textures.

Skin Spa 

Beauty from Nature with our Medispa Naturals. Founded in 2017 to provide estheticians with a quality skincare line made from all naturals ingredient. Paired with out Cool Beam Light, LED Far Infrared and Microdermabrasion therapy our skin spa is prepared to address your skins health and overall needs. Classic European facials paired with our Medispa masks help fight the daily stresses and hazards to your skin. Our Master Estheticians are available for you.

H Skin Spa Deluxe 90 Minute Cold Light Therapy plus LED Far Infrared Facial



Our Signature H Skin Spa Service! Our Cold Light (LLLT) Therapy Facial,  with the addition of a professionally prescribed Medispa facial mask, placed under our LED far infrared facial panel. The ultimate facial for many skin conditions. You can expect a firming and hydrating effect, improved texture, improvement for fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, and acne of all kinds. Customized for each guest, this facial is most effective in a 3-6 treatment package. Package Specials Prices listed below.

H Express LED Facial $99.00

Short on Time? Try our LED Far Infrared Express Facial. A complete skin evaluation, followed by a deep cleanse, exfoliation proper for your skin type, or upgrade to a micro-dermabrasion treatment for just an additional $35.00. A customized Medispa Mask is then applied specific to your skin needs. Our LED far-infrared facial panel is placed comfortably over your face for a slight warming sensation, delivering the botanical based mask deep into the skin layers, leaving your skin refreshed and healthy.

H Skin Spa 60 Minute Customized European Facial


This 60 minute treatment incorporates everything you would expect from a classic facial such a deep exfoliation, relaxation, restoration and if necessary, impurity extraction. Including a relaxing heated hand treatment. This Facial is completely customized to target your specific skin concerns with one of our concentrated and luxurious MediSpa Naturals treatments.  Brightening, Hydrating, Rejuvenating, or Purifying, based on your consultation with one of our Master Estheticians.

H Acne Facial

Our H Acne Facial is a deluxe treatment for acneic skin. A deep purifying cleanse, detoxifying exfoliation, more time and focus spent on tender extractions and a calming mask under our LED, Far Infrared Panel. Which enhances the effectiveness of active ingredients to treat and prevent breakouts. Each H Acne Facial ends with High Frequency, which kills bacteria on the skin and actually eases the pain of high level acne.  

H Back Facial

Back facials are a must if you want to wear the latest shoulder- bearing fashion trends. Ideal for problematic skin, this treatment includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, retexturizing treatment, and a customizable mask.   

3 Series H Skin Spa Deluxe 90 Minute Cold Light Therapy Plus LED Far Infrared Facial

3 Series package! Savings $75.00! Our incredible Cold Light (LLLT) Therapy Facial. Our amazing Abrastim 200 facial machine, combined with a customized mask and LED Far Infrared Panel. The ultimate facial for many skin conditions. You can expect a firming and hydrating effect, improved texture, improvement for fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, and acne of all kinds. Package of 3 must be used within a six month period of initial purchase. Total price of package $597.00 paid at purchase time.

H Skin Spa Ultimate 6 Treatment Package 1125.00. Buy 6 get 1 for FREE!!

6 Cold Light Therapy 90 minute treatments for a savings of $225.00. 

Full Body Waxing and Sugaring 

Full body waxing with either hard or soft wax



Full Arms









$40.00 +


$70.00 +


$40.00 +



Full Face

Does not include brows. 

Brow- Clean Up 

Hair removal with a little clean up. 

Brow- Shaping 

Hair removal with a full brow shaping. 


Not provided at this time.



Lash Extensions 

Eyelash extensions are a cosmetic application used to enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes.

Mega Volume Fill 3 Weeks

Three week volume fill for two hours 

Mega Volume Fill 2 weeks

Extreme volume two week fill for 90 minutes 

Volume 3 week fill

Regular volume lash 3 week fill for 90 minutes

Volume Fill 2 weeks

Regular volume lash fill for 1 hour.

Hybrid 3 week fill

Hybrid three week fill for 90 minutes 

Hybrid 2 week Fill

Hybrid lash two week fill for 1 hour. 

Mega Volume Full Set

Extreme Volume Full set for 3 hours. First time set requires a deposit and have a card on file. 

Volume Full Set

Achieve a darker fluffier look with volume lash extensions. For first time set requires a deposit  and have a card on file. 

Hybrid Full Set

Light Volume with added classic lash extensions. First time set requires a deposit  and have a card on file. 


Due to the unique length, texture and density variations of every individual , exact pricing is by consultation. All color service prices are quoted without a haircut.  

All Skin care procedures require a consultation and signed waiver

To ensure prompt service appointments are always desirable but walk-ins are gladly accepted. If you need to cancel an appointment we appreciate at least 24 hours 

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